How to get titan residuum

I have about residuum took my about a month to farm these doing just what i did, not trying to farm these. I currently have a ilvl chestpiece, should I buy an ilvl chestpiece for Titan Residuum or should I wait and buy the ilvl for given how long it took me to acquire ?

how to get titan residuum

Neither, random rolls are always risky then again by the time you make enough residium to buy the guaranteed one it would be too late. Run 4 Heroic IEs each week. Pray for the TR mission treasure map…no, not the best way, just mentioning another possibility. The weekly cache is also the primary source of residium with the amount obtained based on your highest key completed.

RNG system for RNG loot or a good one but much longer stockpiling for that is honestly not worth it and just shows you how much the loot system in BFA sucks. If you run a 15 every week and get a couple pieces to scrap you can get a week. TR is also a way to not only target your best traits but also your BIS since you can get a Mythic Raid level piece with said traits. Once you have more than 1 way to gear, they ALL become required to keep up with via social pressure at the least.

Almost every raiding guild requires it anyway.

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It takes an hour tops, assuming a VERY ugly run. Titan Residuum Question Community. General Discussion. Tealadakilla-kelthuzad 19 February 1. Kittredge-azjolnerub Kittredge 19 February 2.

Sorelai-wyrmrest-accord Sorelai 19 February 3. Wariya-stormrage Wariya 19 February 4. Ickgetheroff-thunderlord 19 February 5.

Titan Residuum

Zootzoot-kaelthas Zootzoot 19 February 6. Orognar-bleeding-hollow 19 February 7. Lathwellen-senjin Lathwellen 19 February 8.

how to get titan residuum

Zootzoot-kaelthas Zootzoot 20 February 9. Argorwal-ysera Argorwal 20 February Almost like they go together. For BoD, every boss drops an azerite slot.I remember being 52!

Even though the major source for our advantage is still the time and effort we put into the game, and not broken systems that we abused to minmax. My personal opinion is that if someone puts all the time and effort to save residuum up, as well as saving paragon caches up, they did a lot of work to get their characters ahead, and deserve to be ahead.

And practically, we are still only talking getting a mythic piece one week earlier than literally everyone else who gets boosted through a Mythic weekly Well i totally aggreed. After 8. Sorry to break it to you, but ever since WotLK they reset Armor emblems when they introduce a new tier.

Yeah, that makes sense, I think I mentioned something similar, too with badges or honor or smth. Titan residuum in 8. Aumie-twisting-nether October 30,am 1. Telnarya-defias-brotherhood October 30,pm 2. Straugaf-zandalar-tribe October 30,pm 3. Hexelyion-aggramar Hexelyion October 30,pm 4. Taigertraps-argent-dawn Taigertraps October 30,pm 5. Aumie-twisting-nether October 30,pm 6.

Hexelyion-aggramar Hexelyion October 30,pm 7. This topic was automatically closed after 30 days. New replies are no longer allowed.Titan Residuum is a Battle for Azeroth currency.

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It is used to purchase Azerite armor. Titan Residuum can also be obtained by breaking down Epic Azerite armor via scrapping or disenchanting. Each item scrapped or disenchanted will always award a fixed amount of Titan Residuum based on its item level.

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In order for Azerite armor items to yield Titan Residuum, the following requirements must be met:. Titan Residuum is a potential reward from Treasure Map missions. These missions are granted by the Treasure Map, a reward from completing the weekly Island Expedition Azerite quests:.

Only one map per week can be gained per character. Unlike the other three sources, Titan Residuum only has a chance of being the mission reward and is not guaranteed. For Season 3, the amount awarded by these missions varies from Titan Residuum is used to purchase Azerite armor from Thaumaturge Vashreen. It can purchase either a Relinquished Azerite Token each slot has its own tokenwhich contains a class-appropriate Azerite armor piece equivalent to the token's item level, or to purchase specific pieces of Azerite gear.

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how to get titan residuum

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Titan Residuum

Rare Armor.So I was talking about this with another player in Nazjatar. Turns out you can farm Titan Residuum quite effectively with Prismatic Manapearls by funneling Benthic Token Azerite Gear to which ever toon you would like to farm on for 35 TR a piece. Lets say on average after the initial starting quests and storyline, you can get enough manapearls for pieces of gear a day per toon depending on how lucky you get with rewards and drops and the timing of events.

Thats TR for your main or toon of choice per alt that is funneling over gear. Say you have the time in your day to do this with several alts or even do this all day long if you have enough alts. You can easily get a few thousand TR in a very short period of time without touching Mythics or Raids, and purchase specific Mythic raid level azerite gear from the vendor in a very short amount of time compared to players that do not use this system to their advantage.

I mean, yes, it is a grind, but it still has the potential to provide mythic raid gear for three slots without doing anything aside from trivial daily farming. Can this still be seen as balanced? Or is it overpowered for the type of content participated in and considered an exploit instead. And yes, I know, titanforging and world quests already make high level gear easily accessible, but this is focused on Azerite Armor, one of the Core features of this expansion that is mostly just a game of luck.

Im not exactly against it, but im not really for it either. And if this was an oversight by the devs and is considered an exploit, I dont want to get caught up in any trouble that may happen as a result. Yes, but benthic gear can only progress you to What if you never touch higher end content and have upgraded all of your benthic gear. Does the prospect of doing this for your azerite gear pieces sound appealing or appalling to you?

I guess that may be true. Perhaps this is something really only high end players would really utilize to min max and get the best pieces. Given that some of those Benthic pieces outperform the Mythic level gear by large margins, perfectly appealing. Like I said, those pieces can only upgrade so far, is right below heroic level gear, though its still probably stronger than them because of the bonuses.

Thats not my point, what about after youve already got your bis, and need better azerite armor pieces. The amount of residuum you get from scrapping s is the current equivalent of trying to scrap s to afford a specific piece. Oh GODS why did you have to post this. Its not like the devs read the forums anyways.

At minimum, well statted, socketed benthic gear will outperform stock heroic, even without the bonuses, however.

how to get titan residuum

Manapearls and farmable Titan Residuum Community. General Discussion. Zaela-runetotem Zaela 8 July 1. Lasin-ravenholdt 8 July 2. Seems too much of a waste of pearls imo. Krystella-emerald-dream 8 July 3. Zaela-runetotem Zaela 8 July 4. Krystella-emerald-dream 8 July 5.

Not in the least. Zaela-runetotem Zaela 8 July 6. Wuzeh-wyrmrest-accord 8 July 7. Two things. Caelia-uldaman Caelia 8 July 8. Zaela-runetotem Zaela 8 July 9.The closest approximation would be when Valor was converted to Justice when a new tier came out. So even if you were full on VP and JP when the conversion happened, you would only get 1, gold. Titan Residuum has no cap and is being converted at a rate of 10 silver per point.

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For example, k TR would get you 10k gold. If you buy a piece and hold on to it the vendor will give you gold. If you scrap anything not earned in 8. And no, no. You are wrong again. They have random tokens and specific tokens for sale at the residuum guy.

A specific piece of Azerite. Oct 19, But, hey. Stockpiling old pieces will only yield vendor gold or mats from the scrapper but no residuum. Lotta people here complaining about stuff that Blizz has done before, and was known for a while already. You can opt into the ptr and try it yourself if you like. Anything not obtained in 8. They have done this for many years and it was always converted into silver when they removed or reset a currency. Scaling up is ok. Turning them into silver is different.

If I want to gold farm, I will do something else, like crafting stuff, gathering material, trade on AH, or just buy a Wow Token. Once again I will emphasize that it is only fair if they have announced this when the season starts. I just wanted to reiterate the quoted statement here. Please be aware that the conversion is happening in one week, during maintenance for the content update.

The 14th key or the 21st? Titan Residuum in Season 4 Community. General Discussion.

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Rankin-shandris Rankin 13 December I did a 8 and gotthe OP did a 9 and goti find hard to believe a 10 rewards 3 times as much.

So calling me and a blue a liar? Apparently Celadina is right. It seems there is a colossal jump between key level. I just wish higher keys awarded more titan residium instead of less. So if i deserve for a 9 and someone deserves for a 10 then 10 should be 3 times harder? That is kind of the thing. But that was my choice of course. So much for failures not being rewarded…. It is also a bit counter productive on the MMO part.

I am helping my guild a lot. We have Torment Tuesday for example where I try to get everyone a key done it is not only on Tuesday, but that day is official. Titan residuum from weekly chest Community. General Discussion. Graverober-tarren-mill January 30,am 1. Celadina-doomhammer January 30,am 3. Anyone with a sure answer? Celadina-doomhammer January 30,am 6. I linked a blue post stateing the facts ….

Graverober-tarren-mill January 30,am 7. Celadina-doomhammer January 30,am 8. Graverober-tarren-mill January 30,am Psjohly-argent-dawn Psjohly January 30,am Yes, pretty much. Dildohoofd-silvermoon January 30,am Bukachu-ravencrest January 30,am I did 11 and got this week. Lindarielle-nordrassil Lindarielle January 30,am By StanDecember 6, in News.

Thaumaturge Vashreen returns in Patch 8. Check out our Tides of Vengeance hub for the latest Patch 8. You can also purchase specific dungeon Azerite Armor pieces, but these are considered long-term goals, as they're quite expensive.

Titan Residuum - Unpowered remnants of Azerite armor, obtained from Mythic Keystone weekly chests and by scrapping or disenchanting Azerite armor. The vendor is back selling Relinquished tokens and specific Azerite Armor pieces in Patch 8. Check out our Patch 8. Titan Residuum is a new 8. Am I the only one that feels a little skeptical about this?

It seems like a nice notion but if it's just going to be pieces from Dungeons and not from Raid content. I can see this being beneficial for alt gearing but Blizz does not have the same concept of 'wallet' sharing via account per server as does GW2 or SWOTR. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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BFA Mythic Raiding prep - titan residuum farm is guilds doing insane tactics

Report post. Posted December 6, You can find more details in the article linked below. Scrapping ilvl Azerite Armor rewarded 12 Titan Residuum.