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When we are going to meet a person with online dating, it is more fun thing to you and also there have joyful thrill when getting to know them. Online dating has made this very easier, but it is also very dangerous.

Online dating is not bad habit, it is really nice experience chatting, meeting and selecting peoples as our life time partners. But you should avoid several things before you going to select a person as your everything. Below I have mentioned few things you should pay attention.

Only if you believe him and you feel that you are at the correct situation to meet him. It is better to select a public place to meet the person, and especially away from your home. Make sure the place that you are going to meet him very safe place and also inform your family member where you are going.

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It is very easy for us to drink alcohol to keep up the situation more relax and comfortable. Bu it is makes very easiest way to get an advantage of us.

It will end up with so sad or it will ruin. It will be OK after several days, but never accept a riding on first meet. When you are going to meet a person in you first meet, it is better to use your own transportation method.

Even if he seems like a good person, do not go in a car with him and also if you are alone with him. Never give him your home address until you determine him or you feel trust and safe. You must do this after passing couple of days.

If they know the place you live, it will be a big problem to you. When he getting a chance to tell you about him, he is a doctor, engineer.

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How you determine it. Before you take him for your everything. Another important thing is you have to wait until he takes you to meet his parents. Because we all have common sense of instinct.

wal katha potha 2016

So if your gut is telling you this guy is an engineer, do not risk it, and go with your gut. Even try to tell it your friend where are you going. If you got a problem with the person that you met, then your friend have some information about that situation and they can start find you.

Remember to keep your cell phone always with you and charge the battery before you leave. It is ideal thing give your mobile phone number than your home phone number. Then friends can trace you back to your home. If you trust them then you should be fine by giving your mobile number, but do not give mobile number or home address to the person that you meet.

If you give him your mobile number, do not give him even a chance to track you by GPS. That is very dangerous for your life. So you have more opportunities to make fun with dating, but avoid all of the above mentioned things. Because it will harmful to your family.

wal katha potha 2016

Have fun with dating and remember to safe. A moko ara MISS nam wadeta aul wage. MALLI oya balala nedda. ANE me palayan nikan baba wenne nathuwa kiyala.Post a Comment. Thursday, July 21, aluthma wal katha set eka. Mage Wife Janu 1. Akkai Akkage Yaluwai 2.

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wal katha potha 2016

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